About us

Azvi Sverige AB is the subsidiary company of AZVI SAU, dedicated to design and construction of new railway-lines, upgrading of existing railways, maintenance of railway-lines and supply of heavy railway machines operated by our staff.

In the Nordics it’s been two years since Azvi Norge AS started constructing a complex underground railway project in Bergen. In November 2020 Bane Nor has awarded a second contract to Azvi for underground construction of a railway.

As of today in Sweden we are able to plan & rent out heavy railway machines &
specialised staff for maintenance of railway lines and construction operations with the the
management of outstanding Swedish specialists in all key disciplines.

We are also into bid processes for new construction or upgrading of railway-lines (AB – ABT).


Our company will convey know-out gained worldwide into the Swedish Trade and invest
for innovation. Our personnel must always show a high level of competence towards our
customers and deliver according to agreements to their best satisfaction. We are
committed to be outstanding in our niche.



  • We comply with current environmental legislation and other requirements but aim to for innovation exceed laws and regulations.
  • We undertake to constant improve on sustainability of work and reduce the
    company’s energy consumption and CO2 emission.
  • We train the staff to be committed to taking the most consideration for the
    environment in their daily work.
  • We recycle and sort waste when this is possible, as well as ensure that
    environmentally hazardous waste to be handled safely.
  • We strive to use eco-labelled products in the business.
  • We also set environmental requirements together with our partners and develop
    environmentally sustainable solutions.


Our quality management system conforms to the ISO standard and tends to exceed laws and regulations.

We focus on:

  • High competence
  • Well-thought-out complete solutions
  • Quality-conscious personal and subcontractors
  • Effective routines

All employees, subcontractors receive the necessary information to be able to take responsibility for the quality of each work routine.

We stimulate continuous training and skills development for all personally involved, and at the same time, we keep records of our company’s production processes.


  • We ensure a well-functioning work environment to be a safe and attractive employer.
  • We systematically pay attention to the work environment in accordance to work environment legislation.
  • We work hard to prevent risks of incidents, accidents and injuries in our workplaces.
  • Ill health and injuries must not occur due to lack of safety at work environment work or lack of care.
  • Alcohol and drugs are prohibited during working hours but also at any times that can affect the work.
  • We discuss with the employees the medicines that can affect workplace safety.
  • Existing and emerging risks must be documented and analysed on an ongoing basis to prevent accidents. We keep records of the measures taken.
  • Our BAS-U will encourage collaboration with all employees and hired employees for a pleasant and safe work environment as a natural part of everyday work.
  • Safety representatives and employees who are assigned work environment tasks receive training to be able to carry out professionally.

Not Discrimination

We seek to guarantee to do not discriminate our employees or hired employees based on race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinions, national or social origin, property, birth or another status such as disability, age, marital and family status, sexual orientation and gender identity, health status, place of residence, economic and social situation.


Lorenzo Medici

Försäljningschef och logistik
+46 73 785 94 77

Christina Battison

Redovisningskonsult och Leverantörsfakturor
+46 70 518 52 84

Fredrik Broman

Projektledare / Uppdragsledare
Arbetsmiljöansvarig (HSE)
BEST Expert
+46 70 620 33 77

Dan-Olov Lindblom

BEST expert
+46 70 255 83 71

Address: Olof Palmes Gata 29 Plan 4 111 22 Stockholm
Visiting address: Lila Gatan 4 B 16939 Solna

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